What's Next for the Dunn Family?

Dunn Family Medical Journey Timeline

-2007 Joel enters medical school at the University of Oklahoma

-2007 Child #1 born

-2009 Child #2 born

-2011 Joel graduates from medical school - Dunn family moves to San Antonio, TX for Joel's ENT residency

-2012 Child #3 born

-2015 Child #4 born

-2016 Joel graduates once again - the Dunn family moves to Ohio for Joel to serve four years active duty in the Air Force

-2020??? Good-bye Ohio Farm - BUT WHAT'S NEXT???

From 2007 to 2020, we had our lives planned out for us - go to medical school, finish residency, serve time-debt with the Air Force. 13 years is a long time, yet in hindsight the medical training journey went by quickly. During these years we spent A LOT of time dreaming of where we would choose to raise our family. We had imagined we would move back to where our own extended families lived in either Kansas or Texas. After all the years of playing the role of the "mom with no family in town" I for one was ready to have the luxury of nearby help from grandparents.

But as Joel and I moved around and adapted to each place we realized we had more adventure in our hearts than we had thought previously. After many trips, late night talks, tears, and back and forth we signed Joel's first and hopefully only post Air Force contract for a group in the great state of Montana. This is NOT where I thought life would take me. However, I am excited! And in time I will update you as to the WHY we chose the job for Joel that we did. There are many layers to that decision, as you can imagine. The biggest having to do with purposefully planning a path that intentionally combats physician burnout from the start.

We are set to move our family for "the last time" in the summer of 2020. Your prayers for safe travel and smooth transitions for all family members are coveted. More on our journey to come...

As we prepare to move, allow me to share a quote that is putting my move into perspective and helping me push forward in all the tasks that come with selling a farm and moving a family of six across the country. Maybe it will bless your life as it has blessed mine.

Inch by inch, life's a cinch.

Yard by yard, life's hard.

― John Bytheway