The Farm

Once upon a time there was a military medical family who decided life was too short to postpone dreams. So, they bought a farm...

We naturally started with chickens...and then their yummy orange yolked, free-range, farm fresh eggs. They are ten times the quality of store bought eggs! Unfortunately they have turned me into an egg snob. Eating eggs at a restaurant is no longer an enjoyable experience. Other eggs are tasteless in comparison to these delicious eggs.

It didn't take us long to purchase two dairy heifers! And oh my, do we adore these ladies!? Our Holstein (the black and white heifer) is expecting a calf May of 2018! Fingers crossed for another heifer! We cannot wait!!! It's as exciting in our family as a new baby's birth! When a baby calf is born to a dairy cow, this means milk for everyone! We have never milked a cow before, but are expecting to get 10 gallons a day or more when this calf comes. Oh my, oh my! Can you say cheese, butter, sour cream, soap, buttermilk, etc?!!! I am currently on the market for a milking machine. Cows have to be milked twice a day. It takes 5 mins with a milk machine and 20 by hand. This city girl is going with the former option :). To be honest, as a momma of 4, it doesn't look much different than a breast pump. I think I've got this! Cheers to trying new things!

Our next addition to the farm is a full bred quarter horse, Bunny. She's 10 years old and is a kind and gentle horse - exactly what our family was looking for considering we have four kids and little to no experience when it comes to horses. It's been an adventure and we've all enjoyed learning the trade of horse care. Our cow friend laughed at us for buying Bunny, our horse. He says horses are a "money pit" and don't earn their keep like cows do. He was right about being a money pit, but our girls have gotten a tremendous amount of enjoyment out of her; she has more than earned her keep on our farm. She is the spotlight at family birthday parties. Each kid whom visits our farm is able to live out their childhood dream of riding horseback. Bunny has truly been a memory maker.

My husband has never been one to buy me flowers. So, early on in marriage I resolved to grow them myself. It was a practical solution. Turns out the art of home grown flower gardening has brought tremendous joy and color to the lives of our family and our visitors!

We took gardening easy our first year on the farm. I started our composters, began to build garden beds, and planted easier crops such as pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. All of these do well in the state of Ohio. The one thing I am extremely proud of doing is planting 22 fruit trees on our farm. I live by the quote that says, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is today!" I completely concur! We are now in our last year of gardening here on the Ohio farm. This year we are going BIG! We have already created a beautiful strawberry patch and a thriving asparagus patch. We will extend last years garden by tilling out further and will plant tomatoes, squashes, bell peppers, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, watermelon, sugar snap peas, lettuces, herbs, and root vegetables. I can't wait to share our 2019 gardening adventures! Check back for updates!