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Favorite Reads for the Physician Family:

    • The first book, The Millionaire Next Door, changed my view of who is rich and how they attained their wealth. The sequel, The Next Millionaire Next Door, expands on the first book. I love how its observations and opinions are backed by numerical evidence. It's a must read for ALL.

    • - Every physician family should follow this blog. There's a wealth of practical advice here that you should consider. Ultimately you need to do your own research, think for yourself, and decide what will work best for your unique situation.

    • This book will give you a different outlook on money and investing. It's too bad this book isn't a part of high school Economics' curriculum around the United States - it should be a required read for all.

    • Go to the "seven baby steps plan" on Dave's website. I like the road-map Dave has set for annihilating debt, however I think the whitecoatinvestor does a better job when it comes to how and where to invest your money.

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Ditch the Starbucks habit. I'm not saying never go get a cup of joe at Starbucks. I am however suggesting Starbucks has a huge potential to burn a hole in your wallet without you recognizing it. The better alternative is to invest in a quality espresso maker and make your own drinks right at home. My husband, true to his character, spent hours researching quality espresso machines that made the most sense money-conscientious family. The result was the purchase of a Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL. I cannot rave enough over this espresso machine. It's everything we hoped it would be and then some. We enjoy making our own cafe americanos, lattes, & mochas with ease. We use the Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend. I frequently pick up different drink syrups from the grocery story: caramel, mocha, ginger bread, pumpkin, brown sugar cinnamon. Not only do we enjoy fine coffee, but we do so daily for a fraction of the price of a few drinks from Starbucks each week. If you like your coffee to stay hot, buy a Yeti or a knockoff. Even with the additional price of a Yeti or two, you are still saving bucket loads of money when you steer away from the Starbucks habit.

Dunn Family Coffee Bar - where the magic begins.

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